Bring our smart airbag deployment system to your server!

This premium resource detects a vehicle collision and activates both the driver and passenger airbags. This enhances the driving experience and overall realism.


Automatic Detection

Our resource has automatic collision detection with a configurable impact level.

Custom Model

The resource includes an exclusively created airbag model to enhance the overall experience.

Manual Deployment

The built in command allows you to manually activate the airbags when needed for different scenes.


As a valued customer of London Studios, you'll receive any future updates free of charge.


You can easily configure the damage level and airbag deployment time in the file.


This is one of our many high quality resources which aim to enhance roleplay for your server. The script is highly configurable and would bring another aspect of reality to the game never seen before.

Our support team are here to help you with installing and using the resource should you encounter any issues!

Our customers get...

Discord Channel

You'll get access to the #customers channel where you can engage with others and get support on our resources.

Future Updates

As a valued customer, you'll get any future updates to this resource at no extra cost. We'll do our best to notify you if an update is made.

Exclusive Previews

We'll update our customers with exclusive screenshots and videos of resources in development and ask for feedback.

We created this resource with realism in mind. This will set your server apart from others by bringing a premium airbag deployment system. Lastly, you'll get any future updates to the resource at no extra cost.

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Bring airbags to your server

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