Bring decontamination showers to your server

This premium resource allows you to work effectively with contaminated substances, decontaminating after using them. The showers can be easily toggled on scene.


Functioning water

The high pressure showers sync with all clients and can be easily toggled on scene.

Custom Model

The resource includes an exclusively created inflatable tent which brings further realism.


This resource is bound to bring realism for any type of contaminated scene, allowing for better roleplay.


As a valued customer of London Studios, you'll receive any future updates free of charge.


You can easily configure all aspects of this resource such as the strength of the showers.


This is one of our many high quality resources which aim to enhance roleplay for your server. The four showers all work in sync, allowing a large number of people to decontaminate quickly, furthering realism.

Our support team are here to help you with installing and using the resource should you encounter any issues!

Demontration Video

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Contaminated scenes are often dealt with by all emergency services and a safe way to decontaminate is rarely seen in the game, until now.

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Bring decontamination tents to your server

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