Handle jumps safely, with our rescue cushion.

This premium resource brings a new field of roleplay giving civilians the opportunity to land on the cushion, minimising injuries and enhancing realism.


Realistic Height

This resource is great for jumping from heights, preventing the civilian from taking damage on impact.

Custom Model

The resource includes an exclusively created rescue cushion model which brings further realism.

No ragdoll

A player that jumps above the cushion will fall without ragdoll, allowing them to aim successfully.


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You can easily configure the ragdoll time, detection distance and more in the config file.


This is one of our many high quality resources which aim to enhance roleplay for your server. These calls are difficult to roleplay without a script and we hope it brings enjoyment!

Our support team are here to help you with installing and using the resource should you encounter any issues!

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We noticed an element of roleplay not possible without a script. Get this resource to enhance the opportunities available to your fire department.

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Bring rescue cushions to your server

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