What resources do we offer?

Since 2020 we have created over 30 premium resources for the FiveM platform, used by thousands of servers to enhance their in-game experience. Our resources bring a new level of realism to the game, especially for those interested in the emergency services.

We specialise in the creation of resources for the emergency services, enhancing the roleplay of police, fire and ambulance servers.

Here’s a full list of our resources:

  • Smart Fires
  • Smart Hose
  • Police Grappler
  • Smart Drone
  • Vehicle Rescue
  • Smart Airbags
  • Fire Supply Line
  • Rope Rescue Basket & Tripod
  • Decontamination Tent
  • Bike Hire
  • Bomb Disposal Robot (EOD)
  • Throw Bag
  • Rescue Cushion
  • Fire Tools
  • Smart Bollards
  • Smart Ladder
  • Helicopter Rescue
  • Advanced Recovery Truck
  • Smart Laser
  • Smart Matrix
  • Smart Motorways
  • Smart Clamp
  • Smart Speed Signs
  • Smart Speed Cameras
  • Star Chase
  • Police Shields
  • Smart Taser
  • Mobile Spike
  • Weapon Lanyard
  • Smart Defib
  • Custom Vinewood Sign
  • Car Sale Sign
  • American Rearmount Ladder

To purchase any of these resources, head to our store here.

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